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How Do I Send A Bulk Fax?

1. Click on the Document Manager link - this is where you upload the documents you wish to broadcast.
2. Click Browse - this will open a browse window so that you can locate the file containing the document you would like to fax. (If you are using a merge document, please follow the directions at the top of the Document Manager to download the Merge Document Creation Utility). There is a link at the top of this page which will explain the supported document file formats.
3. Click Start Upload.
4. Once your document has been uploaded, it will appear in the list on the Document Manager page.

There are 3 icons to the right of your document which perform the following functions:
Magnifying Glass - Displays an image of your Document online.
Down Arrow - Downloads your Document back to your PC.
Scissors - Removes the Document from your account.

1. Click on the List Manager link.
2. Give a name to the list you wish to upload (e.g. My Client List)
3. Click on the Browse button to select the file containing your comma delimited list (a .csv file which can be saved from Microsoft Excel) or other alternative list format. If you are using Excel for MAC make sure to save your file is a .CSV for MS-DOS format.
4. Click on Start Upload.
5. When your list file has been uploaded a new page will appear. Adjust these options to match the format of your list. If you uploaded a .csv file, you can just use the default options. Click Next.
6. You will now be on the List Mapping page. This is where you have to match information in each column in your list with the appropriate data column on our server. For example, if column 1 in your list contains the recipient's last name, select LastName in the right-hand side pull down menu and so on. It is not necessary to map ever column. If you aren't using a Merge Document for this broadcast, you need only map the FaxNumber field. If you are using a Merge Document, you only need to map the columns which are present in your document. Click Next.
7. Once your list upload successfully completes, you are ready to schedule your fax broadcast, referred to in our system as a batch.

There are 4 icons to the right of your list which perform the following functions:
Down Arrow - Downloads your List back to your PC.
Magnifying Glass - Displays your list online as well as allows you to add, edit, and delete entries.
Scissors - Removes the List from your account.
Wand - Launches the List Maintenance wizard. This will display a menu with 5 additional functions.

Batch Statistics Updater Use completion information from your last fax batch to create a new list or remove entries from an existing list. This is a handy way to skim off successful numbers into a smaller more manageable list.
Area Code Updater Correct outdated area codes in your list to increase the successful completions in your next fax batch.
Copy List Copy list entries to a new or existing list. Appending to an existing list provides a method of reconciling and or reorganizing your lists that might have been updated with the Area Code Updater or cleaned using the Batch Statistics Updater.
Split List Split your list into smaller, more manageable sizes.
Remove Duplicate, Bad, and Do Not Fax numbers Removes the duplicate fax numbers and known bad numbers as well as scrubs the list against your Do Not Fax List.

1. Click on New Batch
2. Step 1 is where you specify the document you will send. Choose it and click Next.
3. Step 2 is where you specify the recipient lists you are sending to. Check the desired list(s) and click Next.
4. Step 3 is where you set Batch Options such as the start time, cut-off conditions, page stamping information, as well as other miscellaneous options. Note that you can schedule a batch up to 90 days in advance and have it cut-off at a specific time, after a specific number of successful faxes, and/or after the cost of the job reaches a certain amount. Make sure the Page Stamping Options contain the correct information for your broadcast as this will appear in the header of every fax sent. You can preview what the fax will look like by clicking View. Click Next when you are finished on this page.
5. Step 4 contains the Quote for your job. Check over this page and make sure everything is correct before Finishing (note that the quoted price is a max estimate and your final batch cost should not exceed this amount, although it may end up being less). If you need to make any modifications to the batch, clicking Previous will take you back to prior steps. You can also send yourself an instant Test Fax by clicking on the Test Fax button at the top. When you are satisfied that everything is correct and have accepted the Terms & Conditions, click on Finish and your job is submitted and marked Ready.
If there are problems with submitting your job the screen will stay on Step 4 and display further instructions at the top of the screen.

1. Click on Batch Status
2. Find the Batch ID which you are interested in on the list. Click on this batch's ID.
3. The Batch Details page will give you pertinent information about your batch. After the batch has completed, a link will appear on the bottom of this details page which will allow you to download the Fax Batch Results, which contains a detailed log of the results of your broadcast.

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