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Send A Fax Using Email

  1. Using Microsoft Outlook® 2003 to send a faxTo begin, you will need to create a new email using any email application. 
  2. Simply set the ‘To Address’ as [faxnumber]@fax.myvfm.com.  Remember, you will need to include the country code - that is 1 for U.S. numbers (e.g. 15559991212@fax.myvfm.com). 
  3. Type your email message as normal.  The body of your email becomes the fax cover sheet.
  4. Attach any additional documents you wish.  They will be formatted as separate pages in the fax.  The attachments must conform to our supported document types.
  5. Send your email

Usage notes:

  • For added security, you can only send faxes from the email address that you have registered for use with your fax account.  To verify your registered email address, log on to the website.  Go to the My Account page to verify your email address.
  • Your account must have sufficient funds to send faxes.  Check your available balance on the My Account page.  Scroll down to Account Balance.   If needed, click Add Money To My Account.

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