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Automating Fax Transmissions

Learn how to use our service with your server based processes and get your faxes out. Use email or our SOAP based web service to connect and automate your inbound and outbound faxing needs.

"You folks are really good with customer service. I wish everyone I dealt with was as responsive."
Jeudi J.
AT&T Business Solutions

"FlatRateFax has been extremely cost effective and convenient. After 3 months of use, I have saved an average of $98.00 a month. I no longer require a second phone line. I don’t waste paper from all of the unwanted faxes my company receives, not to mention, the fax cartridges not being wasted. I never miss an important fax because my email travels with me on my phone when I leave the office. FlatRateFax has proven to be a good business decision!"
Sabrina M.
ProLending Mortgage

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